THEDI mentorship program is a structured, one-to-one relationship in work, organization or program management endeavor; for institutional and technical knowledge & skills-building. It seeks to identify & address gaps in organizational structures & systems of nascent and less effective community-based organizations within the country. This mentorship also involve trainings and one-on-one skills building/development in areas of governance, project management, financial management, service delivery, monitoring, evaluation, documentation & learning, resource mobilization; etc.

Benefits of the mentorship program:

  • Strengthened organizational systems & structures
  • Improved technical capacity of all personnel in diverse fields
  • Formulation & implementation of organizational policies
  • Improved knowledge & skills in programming for gender/sexual minorities and other key populations
  • Improved service delivery for gender/sexual minorities and other key populations
  • Cross-learning between organizations
  • Improved partnership & organizational relations; etc.

Over the past ten (10) years of THEDI existence, we have garnered vast knowledge & skills in mobilizing resources, managing & evaluating effective programs for gender/sexual minorities and other key populations; from diverse funding streams to THEDI portfolio. It is in line with investing back in the community for better effective coverage, with evidence-based results that this project was rolled out 1 month ago; with a one-year intensive course outline.

We are most excited to welcome more mentees, contributors or sponsors next year; to expand this endeavor for sustainable community development.

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