Hello beautiful people…

– Are you or know any adolescent or young person within the ages of (18 – 29) years?
– Is this AYP a sexual or gender minority?
– Is this person most in need of support for a means to livelihood?
– Does this person need a skill to generate income for him/herself?
– Is this person most vulnerable to HIV?
– Is this person a survivor of human rights violation(s) of high magnitude?

If “YES”, kindly guide him/her to apply for a Skills Acquisition training program at THEDI in writing; also providing the following details:
– Name
– Age
– Contact (Address & Phone)
– 2 Referee information
– What is your gender identity?
– Why do you think you are most in need of a means to livelihood?
– What skills do you already have and which do you require to generate self-income?
– How are you most vulnerable to HIV?
– Explain in details how you survived that violation that posed a threat to your life.

Deadline for application is Tuesday, May 18, 2021. Kindly send all applications to “”

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